And yet, Second Chance Doom (#5) ends in a huge cliffhanger. 


Because the story demanded it. It sounds glib, but sometimes, the story takes over and there’s nothing a write can do about it. 

Sometimes it’s even worse. I spend three weeks outlining, making sure I know how to write each scene. If I know in advance what’s going to happen, writing is much quicker and more enjoyable for me. 

But more often than not, my characters take over. I know that’s because I set them up that way. Obviously I’m not insane (I hope), but what I’d planned they’ll do suddenly doesn’t sound true anymore. I then need to pivot and take the story into a whole different direction.

And basically, that’s what happened with book five. 

So apologies to all my readers–I’m working on book six and will publish as quickly as possible. Please don’t kill me.