Yeah. so basically this happened.

So I have good news and bad news. Which are also kinda good. 

The good news is that I finished my Halloween story which turned out funny and steamy and generally super cute. 

When Amber picks up a psychic hitchhiker from the 1930s, how much trouble will his libido get her in? Turns out, a lot.

“Dark and stormy night? Check. Full moon? Check. What I could see of it, that is. Black ragged wisps were playing peekaboo like playful wraiths, hiding the pitted orb one moment, allowing it to flash across the deserted Academy grounds the next.

Maybe I shouldn’t have left it until three in the morning to find a damn costume. But I just couldn’t see myself as a sexy nurse—though my boyfriend Kiernan had been all for it when I’d explained my problem. I’d also vetoed Alluring Witch and Seductive Pirate. I wanted something different, something special.”

And now to the bad news...

Reason why I haven’t been in touch at all lately is this: after returning from Ireland mid of November, I couldn’t get in touch with my mom. Eventually, I called the local hospital and found out she’d had a fall.

But not just any fall. No. We don’t do things by half in our family. She ‘d fallen and broken her neck. Thankfully, the ambulance people arrived within a few minutes and stablizied the fracture. She was taken to the hospital and after two days transferred to a spinal injury center.

And then it got crazy. I was on my way to see her when the surgeon called me. “Your mother just discharged herself.”

I stepped on it and flew down the motorway. By the time I got to her apartment, I was furious. After shouting at each other for an hour, she agreed to go back and have her frigging neck fused before she could do any more damage.

Two days later, they put a cage around her spinal column, and now she’s fine. I spent three weeks at her apartment, sleeping on the couch, to look after her.

Next week, she’ll be able to take the protective collar off. She has no neurological damage, no tingling in the extremities, no neuropathies whatsoever. Talk about lucky!

But as a result, I’m running late on everything. The Halloween short story, book 6, you name it. I’m giving myself a few days to come down from the mania of the last month, and then I’ll get back to work.


Guys, we did it! We didnt’ die!

Honestly, at this stage, being alive feels like an achievement.

I hope you get a few days’ rest and are full of energy to take on the new year. We can do this. We can do hard things.